Tips to effective essay writing

Students in college, university or high school will come across essay writing assignments. Writing academic essays can be a dreadful task. Be it college admission essays, class essays, competition essays or scholarship essays, it is an overwhelming task. The art of essay writing requires that you do thorough research and be well informed of the topic that are handling. You need to apply a systematic formulae of organizing your ideas so that you generate a well-structured paper.

You need to follow some steps in writing an essay that is successful.

  • Pick an appropriate topic. You may be already provided with the topic. You may also be expected to generate your own topic. Whichever the case, ensure that your topic has a narrowed focus. Choose a relevant and an interesting topic. This requires that you do some research on the topic.
  • Prepare an outline of your ideas. Your thoughts should be well organized. Do this in a paper so that you can link the ideas more easily. The structure helps you to jot down your ideas and organize them. Compose the topic at the top of your outline. Then list your ideas as you leave a space under each for list smaller ideas. This will enable you to see connections for an organized paper.
  • Write your thesis statement. This is what tell the audience what your writing is communicating. In your thesis statement, first, state the topic, then state the point of your paper.
  • Write the body paragraphs. Each idea you listed in your outline can take a paragraph of its own. Compose your idea and support it with a detailed example.
  • Write your introduction. The introduction should have a hook to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Write a conclusion that sums up all your ideas. Provide your final perspective
  • Revise your essay writing. Pay attention to the small details such as order of your paragraphs, your strong points, whether you followed the instructions to the latter. Reread your paper to correct any grammatical errors. You can now submit it.


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